a new app coming up - Impakton
  • Definitely a percussive app. :)  A wild range of harmonic parameter changes in the 2 soundcloud examples. :o :)

    A note was added about tapping on a desk?  Processing the iPad's internal mic for percussion sample generation?

    Creating percussive sounds with synths, samplers and my modular synthesizer for years and years, I'm looking forward to this one, BIG time! :o
  • Damn beta testers / co-developers / etc. posting teases! :O Lol.

    Here's to hoping that it comes out before I kick off!  Rofl!

    Thanks greatly for posting the 3rd one! :)

    Could I at least ask whether it is strictly self-contained, or capable of spitting out samples as WAV/AIFF files? 

    Multitimbral per chance?

    ;)  Silence / no reply will just leave me to imagine that I'll have to wait until it comes out, TO find out. Lol.
    Doesn't matter.  Sight unseen; just from the 3 demonstration postings, I'm buying Version 1.00 as SOON as it's out.  (Unless it's some rediculously high price.)
  • did i say ravi shankar called to say he's jealous? :)
  •  it's a pure synthesis.. no samples at all, so expect the app will be smaller than 1mb. Some architecture highlights: 
    - 2 modules that can be coupled together
    - Module types: Physical modeling, true FM (expotential) with different waves, Multi-band noise generator
    - Multimode filter
    - Effects
    - 4x4 recorder with quantization
    It's capable to produce a wide range of sounds, from real drums like tabla to weird electronic stuff (and even TB303 bassline).
    And the more important part: iphone/ipad acts like a contact microphone... no more to tell :) (remember Wavedrum?) 
  • Great sounds from the 2nd soundcloud posting! I can't wait to see everything that it's capable of, in sound creation and change over time. :)
  • Just ordered my iSticks.
  • no need for that ;)
    but u could play it with sticks
    just bang something near the mic of the device

  • Is this expected to be stable on the first gen ipads?
  • (updated on 13/06)
    Impakton turns any surface into a playable percussive instrument. You just slap your desk like a real drum, the transient acoustic signal is fed into the physical modeling engine and turned into the desired sound. That makes Impakton an extremely expressive instrument. Drop a coin on the desk, select any of the membramophones presets and you will hear the sound of the coin dancing on a membrane.

    - Semi modular architecture
    - Physical modeling + frequency modulation + noise shaping synthesis.
    - Multimode filter
    - LFO and input velocity can modulate any parameter
    - 5x4 loop recorder
    - Recording quantization and metronome
    - Reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and phaser effects available on the send bus

    The app requires headphones.
    The app will be available for iPhone 4,4s and iPad 2,3 devices and iPod touch 4th gen 

    Estimated release date: July 2012
  • yes, only no reverb on ipad1
  • The pitch-mapping test were absutively phantabulatory! :D  (Mmmm. My bastardizing of English can sometimes cause, confusion. :O ) "Super great" can fairly much mean the same thing. ;)

    HURRY UP JULY! :O :O  Lol.
  • thanks for the kind words :)
    don't worry, we speak a lot of gibberish, too 
  • Hey Lee!  I've been eagerly awaiting the release of your app since I first read of it on Synthtopia.  Any updates on the release date?  As a bit of a doumbek player (and graphic designer, but that's not relevant) I'm VERY excited about it as the sounds coming out are GOOOOD.
  • What happened? Did everybody get so hooked they had no time for praise?
    Impactor is the cleverest, most surprising, funnest, music making app I have, and its as light as a feather.
    Now the back case of my ipad is touch sensitive as well, but I wonder if it is guaranteed against tapping ;)

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